Manned aircraft

We own a Cessna 206 dedicated for Hawaii operations, yet the portability of our sensor systems allow for easy transport and installation in other aircraft, which is especially useful when our work takes us elsewhere around the world.

This innovative miniature collection system was built to specifically execute 3D oblique projects and high resolution orthophoto projects. It is highly portable and can to be installed on almost any light aircraft, helicopter and medium size UAV.

Our modular payload can carry up to 3 sensors (natural color, near infrared, thermal) and is ultra-stabilized for turbulent conditions.

Portable external camera pods

Our external camera pod attaches to the strut  of any high wing aircraft in minutes. These exterior STC approved pods have made it possible for us to collect aerial imagery in remote sections of every continent. Attaching to any high wing Cessna, the world’s most ubiquitous aircraft, they range from small units with a single digital camera that will fit into carry-on luggage to larger ones that hold two or more cameras with a profiling lidar and attach to the plane’s window and front strut. We use the CaMundo system for the pod installation.

In cooperation with HISight, we are developing and operating low-cost, reliable unmanned aerial systems. Our fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms are capable of producing data products comparable to the outputs of our manned aircraft platforms. Our fixed wing UAS is approved for commercial operations under a Section 333 exemption from the FAA (effective March 8, 2016).

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