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RMH owns a series of aircraft in the state of Hawaii and is able to fly anywhere in the state quickly and efficiently.
CaMundo: Sweeping system for rapid nadir and oblique collection.  Collect a min of 9 views around each object.  Designed for rapid, high res 3D digital twin generation.  
UltraCam Osprey Mark3: Large format simultaneous collection of RGB, NIR, and Oblique data
Portable external pod systems:  RMH has solutions for quick and efficient mobilization to remote sites where we attach our pods to locally rented small Cessna thus reducing costs while increasing access to complex remote sites. 
LiDAR:  RMH operates an Optech Galaxy Prime dual LiDAR and Imagery capture system. 
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS):  RMH owns and operates both off the shelf UAS platforms as well as proprietary designed platforms specializing in data collection approaches similar to our manned operations. 
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