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Geospatial Data


Rectified mosaics at user-defined resolutions up to 1 cm

Our imagery is georeferenced by projecting the position and orientation of each camera exposure to the surface, constructing accurate orthophoto mosaics without the need of additional ground control points.


Our highest spatial resolution of 1cm is comparable to looking down at the ground from a 2-story building. This virtual groundtruthing can save time and effort in areas that are difficult or dangerous to access.

Multi-spectral remote sensing data

Multiple wavelengths: blue, green, red, near infrared, thermal

Our sensors have sharp-cut spectral ranges matching the standard signatures of satellite sensors such as Landsat, SPOT and IKONOS. Multispectral imagery can be calibrated for direct radiometric analysis of spectral signatures and used for automated classification of land use/land cover types.

Digital surface and terrain models

Elevation data from terrain, vegetation and buildings

Elevation models derived from aerial imagery are useful not only for 3D visualization, but also for numerous topographic studies such as geomorphology, hydrology,  archaeology, viewshed analysis, solar radiation, etc.

Dense point clouds

3D vertices from photogrammetry

Cutting-edge photogrammetry and computer vision techniques can produce image-based point clouds with comparable accuracy to lidar, with even higher densities. Moreover, since the data are derived from photographs, the resulting points automatically contain color values. Point cloud data can be used for a variety of 3D applications including volumetric measurements.

True 3-dimensional modeling

Using a combination of photogrammetry, computer vision and computational geometry algorithms, we can convert photos collected at multiple view angles into high-resolution, realistic 3D models.


Light Ranging And Detection

Airborne laser scanning can be used for measuring forest canopy height, biomass and leaf area. LiDAR data is also effective for monitoring powerline corridors and their surrounding vegetation and terrain.

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