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We employ advanced remote sensing analyses such as semi-automated object-based image classification to map land cover and land use over wide areas.

Our expertise in image interpretation combined with our ultra-high resolution imagery enables us to distinguish between native and invasive plant species.

We have developed innovative, context=dependent remote sensing solutions for detecting wildlife over large, remote areas.

Using a combination of nadir and oblique photos, we can extract elevation data for powerlines and surrounding vegetation and automatically calculate their height difference.

Time-series imagery can inform resource management by documenting changes from a baseline condition.

Highly dense 3D point clouds are being used to derive accurate volumetric estimates for piles, quarries and open mines. 

In emergency situations, time-sensitive geospatial data must be collected and processed in a rapid and efficient manner while maintaining consistency and quality.. 

RMH is quickly becoming a leader in providing high quality 3D models for a multitude of entities and projects.  For more information on these products please send an email with your specific project details.   

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