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UAS mapping

In cooperation with HIsight, we are developing and operating low-cost, reliable unmanned aerial systems (UAS). We work with both fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms customized to specific mapping needs. Using open source technology, we can offer geospatial data products that surpass industry standards while maintaining cost-effective rates. All our UAS are approved for commercial operations under a Section 333 exemption from the FAA (effective March 8, 2016). HIsight and RMH carry full general liability coverage, errors and omissions, and aircraft liability.


Long endurance for large area mapping; wide imaging swath for 3D data capture

We have customized this widely popular airframe to provide an ultra-wide imaging swath with a FOV of over 100 degrees, which maximizes data capture and minimizes flight times.  Through simultaneous collection of nadir and oblique imagery, we enhance the visibility of vertical structures in our 3D data outputs.


We reach to up to twice the area coverage with double the resolution compared to industry-leading UAS platforms.



  • Area coverage per flight: 3 sq km for 1.6 cm GSD. 

  • Max gross weight: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)

  • Payload Capacity: 1.1 lbs (500g)

  • Telemetry Radio Range: 1 mile

  • Flight Time: 60 min

  • Max Wind Speed: 25 mph

  • Typical Cruise Speed 30 mph

  • Maximum Airspeed: 45 mph

  • Stall Airspeed: 18 mph


Review comparison table with industry leading UAS

3DR X8+

Heavy duty copter with redundant, reliable motor system

The X8+ is ideal for small projects that require slow and low flying, which is essential for capturing ultra-high resolution imagery and video. Its vertical take-off and landing enable it to handle complex terrain or tight urban spaces.


Performance and Limitations
Aircraft weight (w/ battery): 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
Payload capacity: .88 lbs (400 g)
Radio range: .6 miles (1 km)
Flight time: 14 min (estimated)
Max Speed: 38 mph
Max operational wind: 25 mph

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