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Sweeping Camera Systems

 Large swath on a miniature device


RMH's co-developed innovative sweeping camera systems enable new aerial mapping capabilities using simultaneous nadir and oblique photography. With various installation options, it is one of the most effective mapping tools out there.


"Swath is everything"
  • Achieving a large imaging swath is crucial for cost effectiveness. We can collect up to 10 images in each sweep, aggregating 45,000 unique pixels across strip at 5cm GSD.


  • Our Camundo systems operate with either PhaseOne IXU-1000 100mp or IXM-150 150mp sensors.


  • Sweeping gimbal technology enables collection at up to 1cm nadir resolution and up to 2cm oblique. We can cover 150 sqkm at 10cm GSD in one hour.


  • The camera sweeps perpendicular to the flight direction, enabling the collection of two side oblique views on each pass, with more than 140 degrees FOV. A full 3D scene can be reconstructed with the data collected in one flight.


  • Being small enough to fit into an  STC pod, hanging on the strut of light aircraft, we can transform most light Cessna into a survey aircraft.

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