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The leading provider of aerial mapping, remote sensing & GIS solutions

in Hawai'i & the Pacific region


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Geospatial Data


We offer the following geospatial data products:

  • Ortho-imagery at up to 1cm ground sampling distance (GSD)

  • Multi-spectral remote sensing data: natural color (RGB), near infrared (NIR), thermal)

  • Photogrammetry derived:

    • Digital surface and terrain models 

    • Dense point clouds

    • 3D reconstruction

  • LiDAR



Our technology includes a range of platforms and sensors:

Manned aircraft

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS)  development and services 

  • Fixed wing

  • Multi-rotor



We develop customized solutions for many different resource management applications:

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RMH is the product of years of research conducted by Stephen Ambagis (CEO and Co-Founder) and Dana Slaymaker (Co-Founder and system developer), in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy, US Geological Survey, and the Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources.

We are a locally owned and operated company which emerged from an overwhelming demand by the conservation community to develop techniques for detecting, mapping and monitoring invasive plant species over large landscapes.

Since 2008, we have expanded our scope to encompass a much wider range of applications. Our strengths and abilities include: surveying very large areas where getting "boots on the ground" is difficult, mapping and monitoring using very precise measurements and providing snapshots in time (baselines) for retrospective looks at the environment.


Together with our partner HIsight LLC. we have recently extended our offerings to provide oblique and 3D reconstruction, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) services and other custom geospatial solutions to meet your most challenging mapping needs. 

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Resource Mapping Hawai'i


PO Box 30253, Honolulu, HI 96820


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